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Welcome, Flo.




But it’s much, much more
than 3000 unique sites.



You’ll create
unique pages


115 Dynamic Elements


22 Personalizations by Name


10 Different Content Elements


 6 Personalized URLs


2 Personalized Menu Tabs


16 Animations


5 Lightboxes with 40 Personalized Photos


Custom Videos and Music


Personalized Call to Action Form




11,000 customized personalized pages.

Over 120 individual personalizations.

All in only 8 seconds.



So actually, it’s more like this:




 Except 782 times faster.






Welcome to the
Web of the Future.


 Welcome to Abstract5.



You’re about to make 3000 “eSites”
data-driven, personalized websites
created without any code or
technical skills.


But first, this question...



Why make all these eSites?


Right now, advertisers use analytics to target ads.


But those ads point to a single static website. 


No matter who’s targeted the website stays the same.


With Abstract5 anyone can create thousands of

customized, targeted eSites

using data instead of code.



When Toyota created 83 custom websites based on analytics, it was front-page news.


“Last fall Toyota ran an ad campaign to match people’s moods based on their emoji use. They took 83 different emojis, created 83 different videos and sent ads out accordingly.”  APR Marketplace, March 13


With Abstract5,

using the same data,

they could have created thousands of
personalized target sites





Last year businesses spent $13 billion on analytics.


This year, Abstract5 lets business get full use of that investment.


Using the same analytics to target website content as effectively as web ads.


Abstract5 eSites revolutionize web ads
a $250 billion business.




Now TRY Making thousands!


Analytic Data to Personalized eSites demo

For email marketing and variable data print direct mail,
eSites customized for each individual target.

Using a “big data” analytics file, you’ll create 1000 sites in 4 seconds.


click here




Ad Clickthrough to Personalized eSite

For advertisers placing ads on social media sites,
consumers can click through to a custom personalized ad.


Using a “big data” analytics file, you’ll create 1000 “Facebook*” user pages,
and 1000 personalized click through ads in 4 seconds.


click here



* Of course, Abstract5 isn’t affiliated with Facebook in any way. Yet.



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